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Vinyl & Rigid Signage

Vinyl & Rigid Signage

Construction/Development Signage

Site signage for under-construction developments is a large part of our business here in rapidly transforming Vancouver!

These signs are generally constructed from plywood or coroplast, depending on the size and longevity needed from the sign, and are posted on the perimeter fencing of the site. They are a great way to provide advertising and visibility for the architects, developers and construction companies working on the project.

Trade Show Sign

In addition to banners and banner stands, Speedpro is able to produce a wide selection of visual communications for tradeshow displays and booth-style exhibits. Included in this are metal signs, glass decals and sandwich boards.

We also produce directional signage for tradeshow organizers and exhibitors in order to assist attendees and potential buyers better navigate your event.

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Speedpro provides a wide variety of visual communications services. We take pride in working with you and your business to optimize the visibility of your brand and its message.

We partner with our clients to produce innovative and effective signs ranging from basic banners and window graphics to large scale billboards and beyond. Our team has the skills, experience and insight necessary to assess your company’s requirements and budget and recommend a signage solution that works best for you. There’s no sign we can’t make!