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Stretching Your Tradeshow Dollar

Participating in tradeshows can be a profitable venture. Tradeshows offer the ability to see hundreds of thousands of people, face-to-face in one location. Few other kinds of marketing provide this type of personal interaction. If you need to justify your participation in a tradeshow to the accountant, here are two key tips that can help you plead your case.
Your tradeshow signage can be re-used for regular business. Consider having them up in you business, taking banners when you do presentations and having them on display at suppliers, banks or other places you do business. They can also be used to promote charitable events. 
Your tradeshow signage will be used for several tradeshows and events, so the cost should really be spread over all the ways you can use the materials. For example if you invest $5,000 on your tradeshow signage and you attend 2 tradeshows and 7 promotional events throughout the year your cost is $555 per event. If you do the same for 3 years your cost is $185 per event. Take a look at all of the events you participate in over a year or two and see how many times you could use tradeshow signage. 
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